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Leihberg, Kahlen, Penck

Performance documentations

Achtung Aufnahme

• Wolf Kahlen DE Achtung Aufnahme 18 mins, DV, 1980/92

In the night of February 1st, 1980, just before his leave to New York City,
Wolf Kahlen gave the first and last videoperformance in the history of the East German Regime at the occasion of his one man show at the Galerie Schweinebraden, East- East, GDR, which of course was an illegal place to show western decadent art. No citizen in East germany was allowed or had the chance to own a videocamera for obvious reasons. Only the army and secret police used them.
Wolf Kahlen dared to smuggle a camera across the border from Berlin West,
where he lived.
A great number of artists, writers, philosophers gathered in the small
gallery, where the artist moved a camera without viewfinder across objects and people in an endless rhythm, while the picture was simultaneously shown on the small TV on the piano.
The artist a.r. penck played drums in the same endless rhythmic manner.
Whenver Kahlen stopped the camera and called out ACHTUNG AUFNAHME (Beware, we are shooting) a.r. penck stopped the music as well,
the image on the screen frooze, a plate of glass was put in front of image,
Penck went up and painted on the glass: empathetically with the structure of the still or against it, by chance in the colours of the German flag: red, yellow and black.
16 plates originated from the event, were later printed illegally as silkscreens for a portfolio and smuggled out of the East.
This historic event on an open reel video tape is in this videodocument

commented by Wolf Kahlen 12 years later.

An exiting piece of East-West artists relations under the Socialist regime
and of great historic value of these two well known artists.

Helge Leihberg

• Helge Leiberg Noise Paintings DE

25 mins, DV, 1991 / 2006

Die „Noise Paintings“ von Helge Leiberg, bei denen die Kratzeräusche projezierter Malaktionen elektronisch verstärkt werden, generieren Film ohne die Malerei zu verlassen. Die Aufzeichnung einer solchen optisch-akustischen Performance von Lothar Fiedler & Helge Leiberg (am 27.11. 1991) wurde erstmalig im April 2006 als Teil von Figures Of Motion gezeigt.

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