Dienstag, 13.2.2007, 22.00 Uhr

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An Evening with..

Andreas Gogol, Florian Krautkraemer and Telemach Wiesinger

Artistically seen, Andreas Gogol, musical collaborator of Simon Fisher Turner, C-Schulz and many others, has many lives. He is a filmmaker, a photographer and a musician while also being involved in several other fields of the fine arts.
Andreas Gogol is a well known name for friends of Directors Lounge as the acoustic half of the acclaimed LANDED TAKES & SOUND TIMES, a live performance by Telemach Wiesinger (Film) & Andreas Gogol (Sound) that has been shown in two, completely different, representations during Directors Lounge 2006 and later as part of our row of summer evenings.

Florian Krautkrämer was born 1977 in Freiburg, the South of Germany. Being involved in the Kommunale Kino, he began making films and videos, as well as leading seminars, giving lectures and introductions to films. Since 2005 he works as Assistant Professor in Braunschweig (media studies).


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