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China Doc part 01 curated by Marina Foxley


• Huang Wenhai CN Dream Walking (Meng You) 85 min, DV, 2005

• Li Wake CN Beyond Sound 30 min, DV, 2005


Dream Walking (Meng You)

Summer 2004, several artists talk about art, poetry, religion and improvise, perform while shooting. Among them, there are Li Wake, a behaviour artist, who helps the painter Wang Yongping to shoot his first film, Ding Defu, a famous painter in the 80s, and Bei Bei a famous web poet and also a night watchman.Their style of living, their attitude towards life are inherent to their artistic creation. Dream Walking is the second film of the trilogy of the Masses, the first was Floating Dust (2004). The film won the Great Prize at the Cinéma du Réel, Paris 2006

Beyond Sound

Hundred years ago, the first movie appeared in China. At the same time, the first deaf-dumb school in China “School of Enlightening” was established. In 2005, for the 100th anniversary of Chinese Movie and the deaf-dumb school, Li Wake chooses deaf-dumb people as the leading actors of the film. The film expresses the current living environment of the director and annotates the relationship between the country and its people in a visualized way.

Marina Foxley will be present

In cooperation with Zhu Rikun and Fanhall Studio, Bejing

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