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Freitag 17. Feb.


URBAN RESEARCH by Klaus W. Eisenlohr, TRANSFERS IN POST-MODERN SPACE Virginie Laganière, CA, »Corridor«, 2 min., 2005 Papa ‘n Razzi – aka Kemmy Thyssen, D, »in ‘na City«, 7 min., 2005 Wolfgang Bellwinkel, D, »Weg«, 88 min., 2005


CANDELA! CUBAN SIDE-TRACKS curated by Kristin Bergaust Alexis Parra (Pucho), CU, »Big or small? /Grande o chiquito?«, 2 min., 2005 Jorge Rodriguez, CU, »Gone wind the with«, 3 min., 2005 Alexis Parra Pucho & Kristin Bergaust, CU/NO, »Burned Music/Musica Quemada«, 7 min., 2005 Lizbeth Flores & Jacinto Munos, CU, »Lametatranca«, 5 min., 2005 Andres Antonio Jimenez, CU, »Las Tripas Sound«, 4 min., 2005 Kristin Bergaust & Alexis Parra, NO/CU, »La Valla...«, 5 min., 2005 added by Team Directors Lounge Nick Jordan, UK, »Havanazephyr«, 6 min., DV, 2005 The works presented have in common an interest in Cuban daily life and culture along with a certain critical attitude. The works are produced with very simple technical means."


Multimedia-artist aE3 from Nantes, France will personaly introduce his work.




Marcel Grant, UK, »What´s Your Name 41 ?«, 49 min., 2005 12